Social Media Break

I took a bit of a break from all things online. I haven’t been posted anything on any of my social media platforms since February… but worry not, I am still alive and still getting some shooting in. I’ve been focused on work, travel and fitness. I’ve got a lot of content I should probably share with you. I’ll start with a little project I shot for Woodbine Entertainment Group. It’s a short video I shot to promote the Kentucky Derby Day Party at Woodbine Racetrack. Inspired by those “Tasty” videos that you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook. This dish was created by Michael Mortensen, Executive Chef with Woodbine Entertainment Group. Shot on a Sony FS7 and GoPro Hero5.

Streets Shanghai/Kunming

Here is a selection of street photos from Shanghai and Kunming, China. Click on the images below to see the full photo, once you've done that you can click the small white circle in the corner to see the description, if you are on pc or mac just hover your mouse. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe Reveal - The Tallest Poppy

HEY! It's Saint Patrick's Day and as a fella who is part Irish, I feel partly obligated to get out for at least one pint tonight. Unfortunately these days one pint is about all it takes for me to feel the brown bottle flu. So, in anticipation of the repercussions of being "heavily refreshed" I figured it would be appropriate to post this feature I did on the most popular dish at The Tallest Poppy, chicken and waffles. 

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