Thanks @ExploreCanada

I recently had a image of mine featured across @ExploreCanada's social networks. The image was taken at the Rogers Centre (AKA The Skydome) in Toronto during my first Blue Jays game. The image isn't actually a single image, it's actually about 9 images stitched together using photo shop to give the appearance of an ultra-wide angle lens. I did it all handheld and surprisingly it worked out. This will be a great technique moving forward as a Photographer. Sometimes the scope of a scene is too wide to capture on my go to 24mm lens. It will be a great fallback plan if I can't quite fit everything I want into my frame.

HERE is a link to the photo on @ExploreCanada's Instagram page.

AND here is the photo if you don't feel like clicking on the link above. Hope you enjoy!