SUMMER '16 (on FILM)

Summer has officially come and gone. It always feels like summer goes by way too fast here in the prairies. I'm happy to say that I feel made the best of this summer. I explored so much of Manitoba that I hadn't seen before. From Caddy Lake to Churchill, I saw more of the province than I'd ever thought I'd have the opportunity to.

I didn't get out with my DSLR as often as I did last summer. In some ways this was okay. Even though I love to shoot, it's sometimes really great to just live a moment and not have to worry about shooting it. For about a month this summer I carried around an old (expired) disposable Kodak camera instead of my cumbersome camera kit. It was a nice way to pack light and still capture moments from the summer. Very little thought required, just point and click.

I had this film developed and I'm happy with the results. Here is a selection of my favourite shots from this Kodak.


Chasing Sunsets

Faux 70's

Flying at the Lake

Nopiming Sunset