Nomadic Hearts Reunited in Friendly Manitoba

When travelling you can bet that you will meet tons of new people. Most of these encounters are fleeting moments that you don't get to relive, but every so often there is someone you meet that you connect with on another level, someone you have to see again! This happened to Talia and I this year when we travelled to Iceland. When we arrived to the land of fire and ice we immediately headed to the World Wide Instagram Meet which was coincidentally happening on that day. We met a lot of locals and fellow travellers. One of the girls we met, Tina, we connected with in a way that felt like we had known each other much longer than we actually did. We had beers, cheers, hangs and all that fun stuff you do while travelling. We told her about our life in Canada and she told us about her nomadic lifestyle, living wherever life took her next. On our last night together in Iceland we told her that if she ever found herself in Canada that she was more than welcome to swing by Winnipeg and hang with us. Fast forward six months and we get a message from Tina saying she is in Chicago for a marathon and wants to come for a visit! We were so excited to have her out. She booked her tickets and to friendly Manitoba she came!

Once she got here it was just as it was when we first met. We introduced her to a lot of our friends and our favourite spots in the city. We did coffee at Forth, brunch at Stella's, supper at Pineridge Hollow, explorations at Birds Hill Park and so many other things in between. We had a blast and we were so happy to show Tina, our new friend, what Winnipeg is all about.

By the time we had to say our farewells it was a bit sad, but we're certain our paths will cross again. We learned from Tina that life is too short to be doing anything other than what you want to be doing. She summarized her time in Winnipeg as a wonderful 'people' experience - where our friends left a mark on her and everyone made her feel welcome. We were able to show her that our province lives up to the motto of "Friendly Manitoba".

Cheers Tina! :)

PS: You can visit Tina on her Instagram HERE