Hamilton Waterfall Excursion

Seriously, who knew that Hamilton had so many amazing waterfalls? Okay, maybe it was obvious to a lot of people, but I really had no idea. The first time I rolled out to Hamilton with my girlfriend we stumbled across the Devil's Punch Bowl. We made our way down into the crevasse to get a better view of the falls. We were taken aback by how unexpectedly beautiful these falls were. The height of the falls alone was pretty spectacular, but the colours in the sediment around the falls took it over the edge for me; layers of red, green and yellow rock surrounded us. I have seen quite a few falls in my day, but I guess this one really amazed me because of how unexpected it was. We weren't in Iceland or the Amazon, we were in unassuming Hamilton, Ontario.

After this trip to Hamilton I was intrigued. I looked online to see if there were any other falls that were the same caliber as the Devil's Punchbowl. I found out that there are more than 100 waterfalls and cascades within the city. I wanted to explore them all! Knowing that probably wasn't realistic I took to the Hamilton reddit. I asked r/Hamilton 'what are the must see waterfalls in your city?' Within the hour I had a dozen or more people making recommendations and posting photos of their favourite falls. I went through these and made a list of the ones that seemed to be mentioned the most. A few days later we set off, back to Hamilton to see how many falls we could see in a day. Below are the waterfalls we managed to hit, as well as the Devil's Punchbowl, the falls that inspired this excursion. I've also included a link to a map revealing all the locations of the spots we decided to hit up.

One other thing worth mentioning before you look at the pictures below is how important it is to leave only footprints behind... or even better yet, leave these spots better than when you first came. Pick up some trash on your way out. It's not that hard of a gesture and it would go a long way if everyone did the same. I realize that this is within city limits, but it is still not an excuse to throw your Tim Horton's cups into such scenic areas. It is such a bummer to see garbage all around these falls. If you're feeling inspired to go to these locations make sure you leave them so that people after you can enjoy them to the fullest extent as well.

Happy Exploring!