Recipe Reveal - The Tallest Poppy

HEY! It's Saint Patrick's Day and as a fella who is part Irish, I feel partly obligated to get out for at least one pint tonight. Unfortunately these days one pint is about all it takes for me to feel the brown bottle flu. So, in anticipation of the repercussions of being "heavily refreshed" I figured it would be appropriate to post this feature I did on the most popular dish at The Tallest Poppy, chicken and waffles.  Sure, greasy food might not actually be the best cure for dawn damage, but at least it feels great while you are eating it! If the chicken & waffles don't do the trick The Tallest Poppy also offers The Breakfast of Champions: two slices of cold pizza, a Caesar and two Advil for $13.95. If you are feeling the hurt tomorrow, these guys clearly understand. Stay safe this weekend and enjoy this video.

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