POTD 31.01.19

Ending January with some crazy cold weather. I’m not even angry about the frigid temperatures when it comes with light like this.


POTD 30.01.19

This is what “feels like -32°C” looks like. These shots were all taken at Ashbridge’s Bay in Toronto, Ontario.

Edible Toronto: Canadian Ginger Company

I shot a handful of stills for a magazine called Edible Toronto. Talia and I traveled out to the Canadian Ginger Company to meet the owner and get the tour of facility. The farm was located out by Caledonia, Ontario. Before this shoot I guess I had never seen fresh ginger because the ginger I know and love is always brown and barky. Fresh from the ground it is a vibrant pink and yellow. Super cool.

Be sure to pick up this issue of Edible Toronto to see these images in print, or check out the Digital Edition. Also, if you’re looking to stock up on some ginger head to the Canadian Ginger Company’s website and place an order!

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full image.

Purification Palace POTD 01.01.19

New year, new post. Happy New Year!

It looks like a high security prison, but it actually provides 45% of Toronto’s and York Region’s water. I’ve always found The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant to be visually interesting. It feels very out of place and a little menacing. I guess that’s why it’s been used as a prison in the movie “Half Baked” and an evil headquarters in “Undercover Brother”. It definitely exudes that villainous hide-out vibe.