POTD 18.09.19 - Ania + Mark Wedding

Had a lovely time shooting Mark and Ania’s big day. Here are a few of my favourite images captured from their wedding.

Hello Begonia and Congrats!

Congrats to Winnipeg musician Begonia on her album release. Gave it a listen today and it is just delightful. I’d suggest you give it a go as well! FEAR - BEGONIA

A few years back I shot a few videos of them for a local radio station to promote her music. The band was a pleasure to work with and I wish them all the best on this newest album.

Woodbine Turf Cup Race Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win a major stakes race on the Woodbine turf? Well here is your chance to feel like a champion jockey! Saddle up on this cutting-edge race simulator and compete in the Woodbine Turf Cup.

When the EFP department at Woodbine Entertainment was approached to assist with the video and audio elements of this activation I was all in. As an avid gamer myself, I was excited by the idea of working on an arcade-style interactive race simulator. I recorded hundreds of canned audio sound bites with track announcer, Robert Geller as well as video elements with TV and radio personality Jason Portuondo.

After everything came together and the Woodbine Turf Cup was ready to roll out we obviously had to get some top tier jockeys on it to test it out. Before a day of racing we got Eurico Da Silva and Rafael Hernandez, both former Queen's Plate winners, as well as Jason Portuondo to go head to head to head. Who won? I guess you'll have to watch to find out! #WoodbineTurfCup

This segment aired on TSN on August 28, 2019. It has been shared across Woodbine's social media platforms as well as Woodbine Simulcast.

International Dog Day 2019

Happy International Dog Day! Here are a few photos and a video of cool dogs I’ve met in some neat places.

Some good tunes to listen to while viewing this post would be:
Atomic Dog - George Clinton
This Old Dog - Mac Demarco
Waggin’ The Dog - Railroad Earth
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

Hope you enjoy!

POTD 15.08.19 - Leuty Light

One of the great pleasures of living beside the beach is the ability to get out there on a moments notice. When I see the sky lighting up like this it’s just a hop skip and a jump to get to a good viewing point. Getting out as often as possible is the hardest part.

Happy International Cat Day!

It’s International Cat Day! As a cat dad I have an obligation to share a photo of my cat, Cat Stevens, across all of my online platforms. I’ve also included a bonus illustration of him.