This point and shoot might look like a toy, but don’t let it’s looks fool you.

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Tommy Thompson on Huji "Film"

Recently I was introduced to a fun application that gives you a dose of faux-film-nostalgia. Huji Film is an app that attempts to replicate the point and shoot experience. Film grain, unpredictable light flairs and other imperfections are added to your phone photos to give you that 35mm film feel. Not only that but the interface actually looks like the backside of a point and shoot disposable. You actually have to look through the tiny little view finder in the upper left corner to see your picture. It also doesn't show you your photos right after you shoot. You have to click on the "lab" button to "develop" your pictures. This app has fun little details to give you a taste of shooting film, except on your iPhone. It won't replace any of my film cameras or anything like that, but it was a fun app to mess around with anyways. Here are a few images made using the Huji Film app.

Throwback Thursday: Reminiscing & The Travel Itch

I'm ready for some travels, like big time! It's been almost a year since my last big trip abroad. I've got an itch that can only be scratched with my passport and bags packed! I've got a few ideas on places to go, but nothing set in stone yet. It's hard to choose when there are so many places to choose from... 

While going through the photo archives reminiscing on past travel experiences I found a file with my first roll of 35mm film on it. Shots from my trip to Turkey, my first big trip abroad. From the archways of the Grand Bazaar to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, this is one of the greatest experiences of my life time. I want to relive moments like these. I want to submerse myself in different cultures. I need to travel. I need to experience the world around me to the fullest extents. 

I sense some travels in the near future. Until then, here is the roll I've been reminiscing on.  Shot on my Pentax ME Super.

SUMMER '16 (on FILM)

Summer has officially come and gone. It always feels like summer goes by way too fast here in the prairies. I'm happy to say that I feel made the best of this summer. I explored so much of Manitoba that I hadn't seen before. From Caddy Lake to Churchill, I saw more of the province than I'd ever thought I'd have the opportunity to.

I didn't get out with my DSLR as often as I did last summer. In some ways this was okay. Even though I love to shoot, it's sometimes really great to just live a moment and not have to worry about shooting it. For about a month this summer I carried around an old (expired) disposable Kodak camera instead of my cumbersome camera kit. It was a nice way to pack light and still capture moments from the summer. Very little thought required, just point and click.

I had this film developed and I'm happy with the results. Here is a selection of my favourite shots from this Kodak.


Chasing Sunsets

Faux 70's

Flying at the Lake

Nopiming Sunset