SKETCH OF THE DAY 03.07.19 - PokéFusion

I’ve recently been messing around with my girl’s new iPad. There is a really fun illustration app on there called ProCreate. I was a big fan of this app the moment I started using it. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but never really did anything more than notebook doodles. With ProCreate I’ve been able to breathe life into this sketches. My desire to draw has been rekindled! I’ve been trying to get a little drawing time in everyday.

Lately I’ve been seeing this old PokéFusion website trending again on twitter. I thought it might be fun to illustrate my PokéFusion dream team. So here are my top six PokéFusion Pokémon. I hope you enjoy them. I had a lot of fun making them. Click to see these PokéFusions in all their glory.

I’m not too sure if I should be mixing these illustrations into my photo/video website, but hey, it’s my website so I’ll do what I want! Expect to see more ProCreate illustrations in the future. I plan on creating a website logo and I’ll be sharing my first commissioned piece very soon.