POTD 11.02.19

I’ve spent the past couple days in Winnipeg. I’ve always loved the way this city embraces the winter months. The extreme cold is no reason to be a sad butt who stays inside all of the time. Take a lesson from a Pegger, throw on your warmest wool socks and get out there and have some fun!


Crokicurl: The Most Winnipeg Thing EVER?

Do you have the rocks to throw down in the octagon? Will you have what it takes to pass your opponents guard? Can you land the hammer right on the button?  No, no, I'm not talking about the UFC. I'm talking about the newest winter sport in Winnipeg. Crokinole and Curling collide to create possibly the most Winnipeg game of all time, Crokicurl! I had a chance to chat with the Principle Architect of Crokicurl, Liz Wreford, about her inspiration for the game and how to play.

"We've heard people say this is the most Winnipeg thing ever, so for us to be part of that is amazing!"

I pulled together this quick little feature on the new sport for Global Winnipeg. Hope you enjoy. Link to the Global Winnipeg article can be found HERE.

Looking to test your skills in the octagon? Head down to The Forks to try Crokicurl out for yourself. Best of all it is FREE! :)


Copious amounts of snow, nipping winds and the worst drivers imaginable! That's right, winter is in full swing here in The Peg! Over the holidays we got blasted by snow...  like a lot of snow! Here in Winnipeg we had record breaking amounts. In December alone we had more snow than the entire winter of 2015-2016. We really lived up to the nickname "Winterpeg Manisnowba". I don't mind the snow, but it kind of put the kibosh on me getting some northern lights photos. To give you an idea of how much snow there was, I was stuck in my grandparents drive way for 3 days until the rural snow plow came to dig us out. I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get the chance to shoot the aurora. On the upside, over the month of December I was able to get some really fun, wintery pictures. I love shooting in crazy weather conditions, so this month was great for me. Here is a selection of some of my favourite snowing/winter shots to remind you that baby, it's cold outside. Chill out and enjoy! :)


Also here is some bonus content. Just a snowy video!

Northern Lights Over Winnipeg & Aurora Hunting

GAAH! I haven't posted here in a little over a week. I suppose I have been a little busy with the holidays approaching. I do have some fresh content coming though, don't you worry. I have four days off that I'll be spending up near Riding Mountain National park. I'm hoping the skies will stay clear so I can get out and do some astrophotography. I've also been keeping an eye on my "Aurora Watch" app and it looks like there may be some northern light activity while I'm up near RMNP. Hopefully mother nature is kind to me and gives me a little bit of that aurora borealis action up in the skies for Christmas. Until then I will share with you a short, but kind of neat video I dug up from my archives. This was in Winnipeg about a year and a half ago. Downtown Winnipeg, right in front of the legislature building, you could clearly see the aurora borealis! It's a pretty uncommon sight to catch these lights within city limits, especially downtown! It's a pretty short video, but hopefully it can get you a little excited to see the northern lights.

Happy aurora hunting and have a merry non-denominational holiday! ;)

Frosty Fort Whyte

We've been experiencing an unusually warm November this year in Winnipeg. While I do long for the full winter experience (which I'm certain we will get), I'm also loving the Vancouver-esque weather. Rain, fog, frost and mild temperatures are not the worst things, especially if you are a photographer. On Sunday morning we woke up to hoar-frost covering the city. When mother nature presents you with a shooting opportunity like this you must take it. With that in mind we decided to roll out to FortWhyte Alive, a pristine prairie oasis just on the outer edge of Winnipeg. We were not disappointed. The yellows and browns of autumn were replaced with a white layer of ice crystals blanketing everything in sight.

Here are some of the shots I came out with. Hope you enjoy!