Northern Lights Over Winnipeg & Aurora Hunting

GAAH! I haven't posted here in a little over a week. I suppose I have been a little busy with the holidays approaching. I do have some fresh content coming though, don't you worry. I have four days off that I'll be spending up near Riding Mountain National park. I'm hoping the skies will stay clear so I can get out and do some astrophotography. I've also been keeping an eye on my "Aurora Watch" app and it looks like there may be some northern light activity while I'm up near RMNP. Hopefully mother nature is kind to me and gives me a little bit of that aurora borealis action up in the skies for Christmas. Until then I will share with you a short, but kind of neat video I dug up from my archives. This was in Winnipeg about a year and a half ago. Downtown Winnipeg, right in front of the legislature building, you could clearly see the aurora borealis! It's a pretty uncommon sight to catch these lights within city limits, especially downtown! It's a pretty short video, but hopefully it can get you a little excited to see the northern lights.

Happy aurora hunting and have a merry non-denominational holiday! ;)