Chasing Winter - Muskoka

The weather around Toronto is making this prairie boy feel a little homesick... It's December 10 and I haven't seen any snow around the city, not even a flake! I haven't even had to bust out the winter parka yet. What the heck is even happening? Compared to Manitoba I knew it was going to be a milder climate, but this is madness! According to the weather network I don't need to worry because the cold weather and snow is indeed on it's way, but I just couldn't wait. My lady and I decided to head north to find some of this winter weather. We headed up to Muskoka for a day and hiked around Hardy Lake. We were not disappointed. Fresh snow and cool weather, the full winter experience!

Below are a few images from our Hardy Lake hike. Click on the thumbnails to view the full image.

Autumn in Algonquin

Here are some images from a recent trip out to the legendary Algonquin Provincial Park. My lady and I were lucky with the timing as the leaves on the trees were in their full fall glory. I imagine this park would be amazing all year round, but it was a bonus that we caught the trees at their peak. I beautiful display of the autumn colour pallet. I'm already looking forward to my next trip back. Until then, here are some images from our Algonquin journey.

Click to view full image!