Dogsledding in Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve

A pair of pups pose for a picture.

A pair of pups pose for a picture.

A perfect mix of cute canines and winter sport, dogsledding is the quintessential Canadian Experience. These handsome hounds aren’t your typical household pets though - they’re elite athletes that live to run. I was lucky enough to join one of these packs of pups on a dogseld tour through the Haliburton Forest. Dashing through the snow on a six dog open sleigh! This might be one of my favourite winter activities ever. I’m excited to share a few of pics that I snapped along the way. Click below to see the full images and captions.

Edible Toronto: Canadian Ginger Company

I shot a handful of stills for a Magazine called Edible Toronto. Talia and I traveled out to the Canadian Ginger Company to meet the owner and get the tour of facility. The farm was located out by Caledonia, Ontario. Before this shoot I guess I had never seen fresh ginger because the ginger I know and love is always brown and barky. Fresh from the ground it is a vibrant pink and yellow. Super cool.

Be sure to pick up this issue of Edible Toronto to see these images in print, or check out the Digital Edition. Also, if you’re looking to stock up on some ginger head to the Canadian Ginger Company’s website and place an order!

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Happy Anniversary

The light of my life. Happy four year Anniversary.

Throwback Thursday: China Architecture

It’s one heck of a rainy day here in Toronto. I was thinking about heading out to shoot but I’m feeling too cozy inside. Instead I dug up some photos from China that I have not yet shared. Here is some of the architecture that caught my eye.

Found Film pt.1

I was recently going through a shelf of my old 35mm cameras and I found some canisters of undeveloped film. One black and white and one colour. What a pleasant surprise! I decided to bring them in to get developed. They certainly aren't the greatest pictures, but something about having them stored away for a year makes them feel a bit more special.

These are the images that were locked away. I believe they are photos from between January-April 2017. Shot on a Pentax ME Super with some 1 dollar garage sale mystery film. I'll share the colour photos today and the black and whites tomorrow.

Allen Garden

Curing the winter blues with the greens of Allen Garden in Toronto, Ontario.

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