Found Film pt.2

As promised the remaining images that I found in an old camera body of mine, locked away like a time capsule...

Found Film pt.1

I was recently going through a shelf of my old 35mm cameras and I found some canisters of undeveloped film. One black and white and one colour. What a pleasant surprise! I decided to bring them in to get developed. They certainly aren't the greatest pictures, but something about having them stored away for a year makes them feel a bit more special.

These are the images that were locked away. I believe they are photos from between January-April 2017. Shot on a Pentax ME Super with some 1 dollar garage sale mystery film. I'll share the colour photos today and the black and whites tomorrow.

Autumn in Algonquin

Here are some images from a recent trip out to the legendary Algonquin Provincial Park. My lady and I were lucky with the timing as the leaves on the trees were in their full fall glory. I imagine this park would be amazing all year round, but it was a bonus that we caught the trees at their peak. I beautiful display of the autumn colour pallet. I'm already looking forward to my next trip back. Until then, here are some images from our Algonquin journey.

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