POTD 23.07.19 - Beach(es)Composite

While taking a stroll in my ‘hood I spotted this beautiful Datsun parked so perfectly in front of a flower store. It was terrible light out, but I snapped a pic anyways. I decided to grab a separate photo of the light in the sky from the setting sun later in the day. I combined these elements together in Photoshop threw some faux film grain on it and BOOM, we’ve got ourselves a certified banger! I know some folks might get uptight about faking a photo, but I just like to create stuff, even if it’s a scene that never really happened. Enjoy it, or don’t! I’m not the boss of you.


POTD 23.08.18

Spotted this super cool ride while walking home from the beach. I love the lines on this car. It looks like the people who designed it were trying to guess what a space ship in the future might look like and based this cars design on that. I mean, look at it. It has friggen wings! What an amazing automobile. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the car. Cheers

Throwback Thursday: An Interview with David Richert

A prairie boy from a farm south of Winnipeg isn't exactly who you would picture in the driver seat of a Formula race-car, but through hard work and determination, David Richert has managed to find himself racing on the world stage. Competing in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup and the Eurocup Formula Renault in Italy, David has set his sites on becoming one of the most Prominent race-car drivers in Canada.

“The difference between myself and a lot of other people that don’t get the chance to do it is I tried, that’s it, there’s no special formula.”

Hope you enjoy this feature I shot for Global News.

Here are a couple stills I grabbed while shooting this interview...

Full Global News article can be found HERE