Sketch of the day 26.09.19 - #CLIMATESTRIKE #FRIDAYSFORFUTURE

Catch me at the Climate Strike, how ‘bout that?

I’m planning on getting out to the Climate Strike in Toronto tomorrow. There are Climate Strikes happening all across Canada, so be sure to take a look HERE to see where the nearest strike will be to you. Hope to see you out there!

I was feeling pretty inspired by Greta Thunberg’s speech to the world leaders at the UN Climate Change Summit, so I drew this portrait of her on procreate.


POTD 23.07.19 - Beach(es)Composite

While taking a stroll in my ‘hood I spotted this beautiful Datsun parked so perfectly in front of a flower store. It was terrible light out, but I snapped a pic anyways. I decided to grab a separate photo of the light in the sky from the setting sun later in the day. I combined these elements together in Photoshop threw some faux film grain on it and BOOM, we’ve got ourselves a certified banger! I know some folks might get uptight about faking a photo, but I just like to create stuff, even if it’s a scene that never really happened. Enjoy it, or don’t! I’m not the boss of you.


POTD 22.01.19: Snow Day Toronto

Here are a few images taken during the big snow storm we had a couple days back. I’m so happy to have some winter weather in the city.