POTD 23.07.19 - Beach(es)Composite

While taking a stroll in my ‘hood I spotted this beautiful Datsun parked so perfectly in front of a flower store. It was terrible light out, but I snapped a pic anyways. I decided to grab a separate photo of the light in the sky from the setting sun later in the day. I combined these elements together in Photoshop threw some faux film grain on it and BOOM, we’ve got ourselves a certified banger! I know some folks might get uptight about faking a photo, but I just like to create stuff, even if it’s a scene that never really happened. Enjoy it, or don’t! I’m not the boss of you.


Tommy Thompson on Huji "Film"

Recently I was introduced to a fun application that gives you a dose of faux-film-nostalgia. Huji Film is an app that attempts to replicate the point and shoot experience. Film grain, unpredictable light flairs and other imperfections are added to your phone photos to give you that 35mm film feel. Not only that but the interface actually looks like the backside of a point and shoot disposable. You actually have to look through the tiny little view finder in the upper left corner to see your picture. It also doesn't show you your photos right after you shoot. You have to click on the "lab" button to "develop" your pictures. This app has fun little details to give you a taste of shooting film, except on your iPhone. It won't replace any of my film cameras or anything like that, but it was a fun app to mess around with anyways. Here are a few images made using the Huji Film app.