From dusk to DON - Before and After

Here is a "Before and After" sequence of a photo of Don Valley that I shot the other day. I had a handful of people message me asking about how much I had manipulated the photograph and what sort of gear I used, etc... Rather than explaining what exactly I had done to the pictures, take a look for yourself.

Fall: Mother Natures Swan Song

Fall, one of the most dramatic seasons of all. For what seems to be a fleeting moment the trees in our city burst into a colourful spectrum of reds and yellows. A last hurrah before shorts and sandals are replaced by parkas and boots. A final celebration before the lush green grass of summer is blanketed by the first snowfall of winter. Blink and you'll miss it. Mother natures swan song.

With close to 8 million trees in our city alone, you can imagine autumn to be quite the spectacle - and it is! I tried my best to get out and capture the temporary pallets of fall, with the hopes to make this short season last just a little bit longer. Here are some of the moments I captured.


Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee on a cool autumn morning. (shot on iphone)

Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee on a cool autumn morning. (shot on iphone)

A classic sight in Winnipeg. Elm trees lining a street near Assiniboine Park.


Stumbled across this buck in Assiniboine Park. It's pretty amazing that we have wildlife like this right in the heart of our city. And what better backdrop is there than the yellows of autumn?

The colours of fall look even more vibrant placed on the monotone backdrop of The Exchange.