Bruce Peninsula Blues

It's that time of year here in Canada - time to dust off the tent, sharpen your axe and head out into the woods to enjoy the beautiful weather. Last week my lady and I decided to get out and do just that. We headed to Bruce Peninsula, purely based on the fact that it was the nearest National Park. Not sure what to expect, we packed our stuff and rolled out.

When we arrived we set up our campsite and took a stroll to "The Grotto". After a short hike through the forest we came up to an opening in the trees. What was just beyond the trees was a bit surprising... Were we suddenly teleported to the Caribbean? The water was a shade of blue that you would expect to see at a tropical destination, however we weren't standing on the beach of some all inclusive resort, we were standing on the edges of Georgian Bay, right here in Canada. The rhythms of the crystal clear waters breaking on the shore in combination with the gentle breeze and fresh air made for perfect moments of relaxation. Winding trails through plethora of ancient cedar trees, some of which were apparently 100's of years old! Not to mention the wildlife they have in the region. Black bears, rattlesnakes, owls and more. Who needs the Caribbean when you have access to a National Park such as this one just a few hours away. I can ramble on about what makes this area so special but it is something that is difficult to put into words - It is something that is best experienced in person.

If you can make it out here I would highly recommend it. I'm already itching to get back. In the meantime here are some of my images from Bruce Peninsula and the surrounding area. Click to view the full image.