Dogsledding in Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve

A pair of pups pose for a picture.

A pair of pups pose for a picture.

A perfect mix of cute canines and winter sport, dogsledding is the quintessential Canadian Experience. These handsome hounds aren’t your typical household pets though - they’re elite athletes that live to run. I was lucky enough to join one of these packs of pups on a dogseld tour through the Haliburton Forest. Dashing through the snow on a six dog open sleigh! This might be one of my favourite winter activities ever. I’m excited to share a few of pics that I snapped along the way. Click below to see the full images and captions.

Happy Anniversary

The light of my life. Happy four year Anniversary.

POTD 11.11.18

The leaves are just barely hanging on in Kew Gardens. Gotta get those autumn walks in before those winter winds start to come in.


Dachshund Derby

Last week I had a fun time gathering b-roll for the organized chaos that was Woodbine's First Annual Dachshund Derby. How could you not enjoy being swarmed by these speedy little pups? Here is a quick highlight reel of the event!