Catch Me at the Beach...

Finally, I have found a home and work in Toronto!

I haven't been shooting much recently because I've been giving myself some time to get to know Toronto. I want to make sure I experience the city through my own eyes, and not through my viewfinder. As a photographer I feel it's important to give yourself some time to get to know an area rather than running into the unknown spraying the scene. I like to sit and people watch, get a sense of the rhythms of the neighborhood and really listen to the sounds. It's easy to just come in blasting off shots, but when you do that you might miss out on some of the subtleties of what you are shooting. It might be tempting to bring your camera everywhere, but I feel it's easy to miss the true scope of the world around you when you are peering through a 2x3 window. It may seem counter-intuitive for a photographer to choose to put their camera down, but it is for this reason that I've been leaving my camera at home.

As for work I've recently got a job as a EFP Videographer with Woodbine Entertainment. I'll be doing a lot of different things there, anything from shooting races and promos, to features on jockeys and musicians that come through. A lot of the content I'll be shooting will run on TSN as well as in house. I loved the run and gun nature of being a news photog, but I'm excited that in this role I'll be able to spend a lot more time on getting shots right, and making them look really pretty. I've only been at Woodbine for about a week now, but it feels like it will be a great place to work and stretch out the creative muscles. Also I think through work I'll officially be getting my drone pilot license. SO STOKED!

It's been a couple weeks since I've been in the Toronto now, so you can expect to see more from me soon. For now here are a couple shots just down the street from my place. If you can't tell, I'm currently living in "The Beaches". I'm really digging the area. It's a nice mix of big city, and beach town here. I really couldn't ask for a better neighborhood to live and I can't wait to get even more familiarized with the area.


Birds Eye Bando 3

In the 80's and 90's Skinners Wet 'n Wild Water Park saw a lot of action. The water slides were a popular summer attraction for families around the area. The slides have been closed for over a decade now, but it's still a popular attraction today... Photographers, graffiti artists and general riff-raff flock here to explore the dilapidated remains of this old summer hot spot. Each day the structure slips a little bit closer to only existing in our memories. Here you'll get a different perspective of the the expired water park, hopefully sparking some memories of summers past. Hope you enjoy.

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BONUS: Here is a video I found on Youtube of a Skinners Wet 'n Wild commercial from when the park was operational. Potential nostalgia warning!

Birds Eye Bando

My drone came in the mail about a month ago. I've had a bit of play time with it. I've used it in a couple stories I've done for Global News, but it's usually only a shot or two. I was trying to think of something I could do exclusively with the drone and this is what I came up with: BIRDS EYE BANDO. I love checking out these abandoned places but sometimes these locations can be unsafe to explore. This is where the drone comes in! It is much easier to explore these sites safely with the drone. It also offers up a unique perspective of these structures, angles not often seen, which will hopefully breath some life into these neglected locations.

For the first BIRDS EYE BANDO I explore Bergen Cut-Off Bridge.