Throwback - Begonia - Juniper

The other night I went to see Begonia and Royal Canoe live at a bar here in Toronto. The show was amazing and I definitely recommend giving those bands a listen if you haven't already heard them. After seeing these guys play I remembered a video I shot/edited of Begonia for Fresh FM and Global News a few years back. It was supposed to be a kicker at the end of the Morning Show, but due to breaking news and a miscalculation of time by the producer (live TV, amirite?) approximately only five seconds of the video aired. I mean, this was a pretty quick and dirty production (set up, shoot, ingest at the end of one of my shifts, and then edited at the beginning of my next shift to have it air during the show that morning) but despite it having a fast turn around time it is still a shame to put work into something that never sees the light of day. Well today I'm changing that because I found a cut of it saved deep inside one of my hard drives. Here is Begonia performing Juniper. I hope you enjoy this throwback.

One more blog post 'fore I go

Last post before I sign off for a month. I'll be traveling through China. Hopefully I'll come back with lots of photos to share. Until then here are a few selects from a shoot I did with Versa. These guys were absolute troopers getting dressed down in the cold weather. I was wearing my parka in just about all the images that these guys are wearing the white clothes in. Hardcore if you ask me. These guys were a pleasure to work with, and their music is delightful too.

Make sure you check it out their music video which I have conveniently embedded below. vvv


I had a really cool opportunity to shoot an album cover for a Winnipeg band called Burn Your World. The photo was shot at Elmwood Cemetery here in Winnipeg for their album "A Burden, For All Your Days". This grave is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy named Joseph. If you go on the right night people say he comes out to play. I have done stories on local ghost hunters who have photos of mysterious smoke and orbs around this site. Whether it's a camera error or a real ghost is to be debated.

Ghost stories aside, I'm super stoked to get the opportunity to make this album cover for these guys. If you like hardcore music you should give them a listen. The link is below, along with the original photo and album cover. ENJOY! :)


FULL 4x6 Image shot on CANON 5D MKII, 70-200mm f2.8L