POTD 30.01.19

This is what “feels like -32°C” looks like. These shots were all taken at Ashbridge’s Bay in Toronto, Ontario.

Lake Ontario Kayak Excursion

Meme courtesy of the internet.

Meme courtesy of the internet.

This was me a little over a week ago. Since I live a hop skip and a jump away from Lake Ontario I decided to turn this passing idea into a reality. I purchased a kayak! I've always enjoyed canoeing and kayaking, but I've never lived so close enough to a body of water to justify such a purchase. The boat has already given me some fun photo opportunities. Here are a couple images my kayak has given me access to. Click on the thumbnail to see the full photograph. 

Some kayak-photo excursions I'm planning in the near future are to the Scarborough bluffs, Tommy Thompson Park, and Toronto Island. Check back in soon to see those images. :) 


I love living so close to the beach. It feels so great to such easy access to the shores of Lake Ontario. Sunshine or night-time, it's always a great way to reflect and clear your mind!