Cherry Blossoms in Toronto

The Sakura tree in full bloom is quite the sight to behold. They are a sure sign that spring is in full swing in Toronto. They blossom for only a few short days at the end of April/beginning of May. There is something special about such a spectacular display that is so short lived. These trees represent the fragility of life. They are a visual reminder that while life can be so brilliant and beautiful, it is also fleeting.

Just remember to stop and smell the flowers.

Here are some images of the Sakura trees in full bloom in Toronto. Click to enlarge the photos.


Red River Ice Flows

As temperatures grow colder by the day, I thought it would be appropriate to share something I shot back in 2015. It's daunting to think that we are about to take on another winter here in Winnipeg. The Red River is beginning to slow down and get choked out by ice flowing downstream. Soon the water flowing alongside the muddy banks of The Red will be frozen in place. Winter can feel like the season that lasts forever.

Let this video be a reminder that there will be an end to these frigid months. Winter will eventually release its icy grip on Manitoba. The ice and snow that blankets the Red River will give way to flowing waters once again.