The Original Mobile Homes Here in Manitoba

Journey Home Artist Retreat located just outside of Waldersee offers a one of a kind experience here in Manitoba. I mean, how often do you get to sleep in an authentic Mongolian style yurt? For me, this was certainly a first. These dwellings are made to endure extreme climates, so while it was chilly overnight, you can bet your buns we were cozy inside. Not only were the yurts warm and inviting, but the owners were too! This may have been one of the most accommodating places I have ever stayed. They invited us in, kept us well fed and made us feel right at home. All three meals were spectacular. From the bread and tea at breakfast, all the way to the ice cream and cake we had for dessert, almost everything was made from scratch. If you need to unwind, or want to try something new, Journey Home Artist Retreat might be what you're looking for.

Last week I was exploring caves, this week I stayed in a Mongolian yurt. Despite having lived in Manitoba most of my life there are still surprises waiting for me around every corner.