Thanks to everyone who came out to Rudy's Eat and Drink for our second Flash Photo Fest show. You guys made it all worth while. For those who missed it, or weren't able to make it out, here are a few of the images from our collection. Hope you enjoy! :)


Flash Photography Festival: Planet Iceland

For such a small country, Iceland is jam packed with a plethora of alien landscapes. Vast black beaches, ancient lava fields blanketed by thick green moss, underground natural hot springs and so much more. Around every corner there is scenery waiting to take your breath away. This place is truly a photographers paradise.

Talia and I wanted to experience this first hand, so in April we blasted off to the small nation. We lived in the back of a van for two weeks and drove over 4000 kilometers to take in all this country had to offer and to snap a few pictures along the way. It's hard to encapsulate such incredible scenery in a small series of photos. We did our best to capture its essence and hopefully, if you were thinking about going, our photos can be enough of a push to get you out there!

If you are interested in seeing some of our pictures from the trip and maybe hearing a story or two I invite you to come join us at our launch party for this years Flash Photographic Festival. Meet us at Rudy's Eat & Drink at 375 Graham Avenue anytime after 7pm. If you can't join us that night, you need not worry, you can see our photos there all month. More details can be found HERE.

I figured I would tease our event with a few of the images that will be shown at Rudy's. I'm super excited to see you there. Catch you at Rudy's on Friday! LETS BLAST OFF TO PLANET ICELAND!!!


A spacecraft (or maybe an airplane?) crash landed on the black sands of Sólheimasandur.

The atmosphere seems to be unstable here. It smells of poisonous sulfur.

A wild Bantha and its baby getting nourishment from their fodder... okay, maybe it's just an Icelandic goat, but what an amazing coat!