Churchill Blog Squad Reunion

This past Friday night, Talia and I hosted the cool cats that we went to Churchill, Manitoba with. You really get to know people when in transit with them for multiple days. It took us about two days to get up to Churchill and two days to get back, so we had lots of down time to do just that. The reunion was great, besides me having my wisdom tooth removed approximately a day earlier. Even though I had trouble talking and I ended up going to sleep like two hours before everyone bounced, it was really great to get this crew back together. 

It was such a privilege to head out to this previously unexplored region of our home province with such an amazing group of photographers/people. I often look at these folks photos, blogs and Instagram for inspiration. So much talent in one group, it was hard not to be bursting at the seams with excitement to get out and shoot in the polar bear capital of the world with these folks. 

Some highlights of the trip:
-Chats on the long train ride.
-Swimming/Singing with Belugas.
-The Veggie Burger at Tundra Pub (who would've guessed Churchill would have the best veggie burger EVER).
-Exploring bando!
-Talking with the locals in Thompson.

Churchill was a bangin' time, and for its size, it punches way above its weight class, in terms of things to do and see. I wouldn't change anything about this trip and would absolutely jump on the opportunity to go again. 

Anyways, I figured I should do something with some of the pictures I took. Here is a selection of my favourites. ENJOY! :)

Here are links to these folks websites/instagrams if you are looking for a little inspiration! Cheers!